Reach Of The Tool To Convert Outlook Express Files To Outlook Files Expanded

Outlook Express files to Outlook filesGothenburg, Sweden, July 9, 2012- This release informs about expansion in the provision of software to many customers located in different parts of the world. Like when user needs DBX Converter software to convert Outlook Express files to Outlook files, it is only possible to purchase software online, but shopping of the tool from resellers is also another major source. This release expresses about plans company is making to increase number of resellers in various parts of the world.

Resellers have high value for all customers located in many parts of the world. Evan Swans, company’s senior head of product development department yesterday announced that, “Our expansion plans are into focus, we are not taking hurried actions but will take precautions action, discover where resellers required to be appointed because most of the countries in the world enjoying benefits of the purchase of Outlook Express to Outlook Conversion software from resellers.  Our expansion plans will take practical shape shortly.”

“The role of resellers is key to our software development company as our focus is entirely on user convenience. Some of our resellers comprises of Target Ware, Silicon Action in Brazil; PC-Ware Information Technologies, SFC GmbH, SOS Software Service GmbH in Germany; Specialist Computer Centres PLC, QBS Software Ltd in UK; RegNow / Digital River, Dallas Texas in USA etc.” said Susan Kaet, web team director

“The expansion of DBX Converter software helps many customers to avail software to convert Outlook Express files to Outlook files from us located in nay part of the world globally. the increasing global demand of the tool insists us to avail such solutions. Our tool converts Outlook Express email data into PST without affecting data integrity. Also, our software supports converting unlimited data in the superfast speed.” spoke Joseph Cain, Head of support department.

Many multi-national companies and home users will avail advantages from this application and able to access DBX files into PST file of Outlook. This solution supports recovering DBX data and then conversion into PST. It is multi file extensions supportive that provides convenience to users.”

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